Our feature flowers this week are petunias! All four pack flats (8 four packs) of petunias are on sale for $12! That means you get two four packs for free! Feel free to mix and match different colors! Come get your colorful petunias today!

Petunias are prolific bloomers that come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are versatile annuals that can be put in flower beds, hanging baskets, window boxes, and other types of containers. Petunias should be transplanted outside after the danger of frost has past (after May 1st you’re safe). They prefer full sun, but they can tolerate a few hours of shade. Remove old flowers when they start to fade to encourage repeat blooming (learn more about deadheading petunias here: http://www.gardening-experts.com/deadheading-petunias-beginners-gardening-guide/). Overall, petunias are easy to take care of and provide colorful beauty to any garden or container all summer long!

This week all roses are 15% original price!! As we all know, roses are known for their beautiful flowers and their sweet smell that catch anyone’s heart and nose. You can plant a rose garden or add a rose to enhance the beauty and texture of a front or backyard garden. When deciding where to plant a rose, remember that they need adequate room for their roots and branches to spread.  Also, roses need full sunlight, daily watering for the first 20 days after planting, and fertilizing at regular intervals (organic if possible!). Also, pruning the rose to about half its size six weeks before the winter season will encourage healthy growth in the spring and summer. Spruce up your garden with one of our beautiful red, pink, and yellow roses today! Learn more about roses and how to take care of them at http://www.backyardgardener.com/rose/rose5.html.

All coco fiber hanging baskets are still 50% off and we have replacement coco fiber available for sale as well!